Care & Support Plans

Reliable Hosting & Regular Care

A website that doesn’t remain updated and optimized on a consistent basis becomes an easy target for malware and hacking. In no time at all your website would have poor search engine rankings and your site traffic would be ruined.

So naturally, once your site goes live it will need regular care and protection to keep it lightweight, secure and optimized. My goal is to be your trusted web guy that will keep your site consistently up to date with an optimized database to keep your site an essential tool that is working for you.

Care Plan Benefits

*A dedicated web partner always in your corner

*Care Plan clients get top priority

*No contracts, start-up or cancellation fees

*Price break on multiple sites

So what’s in the plan?

Website Hosting

Hosting is the foundation of your website. Security, performance, optimization and ease of use all depend on it. I offer premium hosting for all our clients so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Website Backups

Consistent website backups are critical for many reasons but most importantly, if the site should need to be restored, transferred or downloaded, I offer external backups and restore points for all clients on our plans.

Website Updates

Just like your phone has software updates, your website needs to be updated too. Additionally, out-of-date plugins are the #1 leading cause of website hacks. I take care of weekly updates for you.

Website Optimization

In order for websites to load fast, perform well and to ensure speed, the files, database and media need to be optimized. I have the tools to keep your site optimized and running smoothly along with cleaning up any and all “web gunk.”

Priority Support

You as a client get priority support. I’ll set up exclusive contact details for you to ping me with whenever you need an update, addition or when you have any questions and I do my best to get back with you within 24hrs on business days.

Monitering & Security

I have special tools that monitor your sites’ traffic and activity, protect against potential hacks or breaches and keep an eye on “up time” to ensure your site is up and running fine.

Monthly Reports

You shouldn’t have to try to determine what’s going on via your site. I take care of that for you with an in-depth (but not overwhelming) monthly report which also highlights what we’re doing month to month on your site.


All plans include a discount on hourly rates, and free auto-updating Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my care plan anytime?

Totally! There’s no contracts here so you’re free to cancel anytime.

Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

My monthly hosting and care plans are a month to month arrangement, and you are not locked in to a certain amount of time. There are no setup or cancellation fees involved at any point. The exception would be if your site gets hacked while not on my care plan – there would be a one time fee to clean up your site and get it running smooth again.

What it if I decline a Care Plan?

 There’s a lot that can go wrong with a site that isn’t properly tended to. If you decide to decline you wouldn’t have me in your corner to help with any issues that might arise. Here are the big reasons your site should not just be designed and launched, but properly maintained as well:

  • Over time, a website will lose optimization. This will lead to poor performance and speed, as well as damage your SEO standing with Google, which directly effects your traffic and business.
  • Much like the apps on your phone, there are plugins and tools on your site that will quickly go out of date – the number one cause of website hacks. It is crucial that your tools and plugins are updated.
  • You’ll have no backups if your website is compromised. A hacked website can result in the loss of your content, pages and even your Google ranking. You would also be missing out on a monthly report that details site traffic, page views, and more.
  • Most of all, you wouldn’t have me as your trusted website guy to help with updates, tweaks, and any issues that arise. Instead, you would need to be the one to work these things out, likely with your hosting company.
What happens if my site gets hacked while on the plan?

The horror stories are out there but there have yet to be any hacks under my hosting and care plans – there are great systems in place that provide excellent protection. However, should your site be compromised while on a care plan, I will get your site cleaned up and squared away with Google at zero cost to you.

Do you offer maintenance without hosting?

Hosting along with maintenance is my preferred arrangement. At this time I will only maintain and care for websites that are also on my hosting plans. Me being familiar with the server environments I work with is important to me in offering you stellar service. 

How quickly do you get to requested updates?

 I do my very best to get to hourly work within 1-2 business days of the request.

Does my Next Level 1 hour of service roll over each month?

Sorry boss, the 1 hour of service is a monthly benefit that does not accrue.

What if I exceed my hours for updates?

I will always do my best to do updates quickly to save you extra cost, but should you have enough updates that would exceed what’s in your plan I will give you an estimate of time and do the work at my hourly rate. If you’re on my Bells & Whistles plan you will get 50% off my hourly rate!

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